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Fluid or liquid coupling are the majorly used in automotives to transmit power. It's major part of flywheel assembly. It consists of input and output shaft, following are th advantages of the liquid or fluid coupling.

  • A liquid coupling, when used with a conventional clutch and transmission enables the driver to use the clutch and gears with less skill and fatigue.
  • If the driver fails to de-clutch or shift to neutral before coming to a stop, the coupling will slip sufficiently to prevent stalling the engine.
  • Unskilled clutch engagement or selection of improper gear will not produce the chattering and bucking.
  • Any sudden load is cushioned and absorbed by the coupling, so that the dynamic stresses on the gear teeth of the transmission and rear axle are greatly reduced.
  • The vehicle may be started in high gear when equipped with a liquid coupling, because the coupling shills sufficiently to enable the engine to speed up.

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