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One of the important human interface system in the autmobile is the steering gear. The steering gear is a device for converting the rotary motion of the steering wheel into straight line motion of the linkage. The steering gears are enclosed in a box, called the steering gear box. The steering wheel is connected directly to the steering linkage it would require a great effort to move the front wheels.  Therefore to assist the driver, a reduction system is used.

steering gear of automobile

 The different types of steering gears are as follows:

  1. Worm and sector steering gear.
  2. Worm and roller steering gear.
  3. Cam and double lever steering gear.
  4. Worm and ball bearing nut steering gear.
  5. Cam and roller steering gear.
  6. Cam and peg steering gear.
  7. Recirculating ball nut steering gear.
  8. Rack and pinion steering gear.

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