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In the automobile one of the important parts of upholstery is the driver’s seat. In general driver seat should be designed in keeping the comfort factors of automotive driver. Leg space, ease of changing gear, handling the vehicle are generic factors to be considered before designing the driver seat.

Following are the factors to be considered in designing the driver s seat.

* The driver’s seat should be adjustable by approximately 45mm in the horizontal way and 30 mm vertically.

* Good back rest of the driver seat relieves the neck and shoulder muscles and therefore it is advisable to use an adjustable back rest.

* The angle between the seat and the back rest must be obtuse, although less for the driver than for the passenger seat in the automobile.

* Arm rests in the driver seat reduce tiredness if their position does not cost the trunk to bend or stretch.

* For the following reasons, it is important to avoid acute angles between back rest.
    • Seat being tilted too much.
    • Insufficient room for the legs.
    • An unsuitable angle between the seat and backrest.

* Driver seat cushions should be fairly rigid and must have sufficient shock absorbing qualities to prevent resonance of spring.

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