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 We might have read and heard a lot about role and requirement of a manager. Project manager plays a key central role in a project and his role is crucial from project kick off to project end. How well a manager deals project depends on his qualities.

eight qualities of effective project manager

Following are the eight (8) essential qualities of an Effective Project Manager,

  1. Systems thinker: To take a holistic approach rather than a reductionist approach to projects.
  2. Personal integrity: Before managing others to be able to lead and manage myself.
  3. Proactive: To take action before it is needed to prevent small concerns from escalating into major problems
  4. High emotional intelligence: To have command on the emotions and be able to respond constructively to others when things get a bit out of control.
  5. General business perspective: To have general grasp of business fundamentals and how the different functional disciplines interact to contribute.
  6. Effective time management: Able to budget time wisely and quickly adjust priorities.
  7. Skilful politician: To deal effectively with a wide range of people and win their support and endorsement of their projects.
  8. Optimist: Always display can do attitude. And able to find rays of sunlight in a dismal day and keep people’s attention positive.

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