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Product design is evolved into a competitive industry with more expectation from consumers and industry from designers. Let us see few of the best quotes as said by the industry experts and users regarding the product design.

What product means is constantly changing. But for me it is the process of rendering a thing utilizing the resources of theirs such as manufacturing and client to provide some benefit to someone. – Tad Toulis, Mororola

Giving form, reason, and personality to the inanimate. – George Schmidt, George Schmidt Design

To me, product design is the whole design line going from beginning to end when designing and developing products. Doing it a lot and doing it for a whole lot of different products, process, and materials and so on. – Andre Grasso, Index Industrial Design

Product design is the development of new ideas to make products easier to use, more appealing to the eye, and more efficient to manufacture. – Paul Metaxatos, Proteus Design

Let us know other product design quotes which captured your imagination so that we collect them here for all of our benefit.

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