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Mechanical engineers work with various standards and codes in their day to day work. A standard is a set of specifications for parts, materials, or processes intended to achieve uniformity, efficiency, and a specified quality. 

A code is a set of specifications for the analysis, design, manufacture, and construction of something. The purpose of a code is to achieve a specified degree of safety, efficiency, and performance or quality. It is important to observe that safety codes do not imply absolute safety.

Comparison between repair and maintenance


Simple comparision between Repairs and Maintenance for a machine as below,

Repairs: repair is the process of bringing the defective machine into efficient working condition. Every machine has to be repaired sometime or another. Some money has to be spent on the maintenance charge can be determined with the help of diminishing balance method.

In this article we will visit what is value engineering and checklist points for value engineering projects. Value engineering in simple is used to determine good design, reduce cost, improve quality, increase reliability and enhance customer satisfaction.

Various areas of a product looked into in value engineering are Material, Standard Parts, Number of parts, Weight, Tooling, Reliability, Maintainability and Process Lead time.

 After manufacturing the product few of the important tests are performed in order to make sure product meets intended use. In those product tests Dielectric and Insulation resistance are most common. Insulation resistance test covers the ability of product for property of insulation, whereas Dielectric is measure of isolation.

One should go for brazing when permanent and strong metal to metal joints is required. Mechanically fastened joints such as threaded, staked, riveted, etc. does not have the strength similar to that of brazed joints. Also the braze joints posses the high resistance to shock and vibration, or leak-tightness.

product estimation

Estimation is an art of finding the cost, which is likely to be incurred on the manufacture of a product before it is actually manufactured. Estimation is one of the important considerations in design for manufacturing and assembly i.e DFMA.

In project planning soon after conducting the market survey, capacity of the project must be decided considering the amount of investment which can be invested for the particular type of product design and development.

Market survey is a commercial survey for the suitability of business. It provides necessary statistics helpful for forecasting and planning a project. Thus the main object of market survey is to find out the future of the proposed products. In short we can say that the pur [ … ]

product cost estimation

Product costing is the determination of an actual cost of a product, after adding different expenses incurred in various departments of an organization. Whereas estimation is finding likely cost of manufacturing the product i.e. before it’s produced.

Fluid or liquid coupling are the majorly used in automotives to transmit power. It's major part of flywheel assembly. It consists of input and output shaft, following are th advantages of the liquid or fluid coupling.

As the vehicle runs over the time we can observe lot of issues, problems and faults with clutch. There are few common problems such as clutch drag, spin, slip and rattle etc. Following is the very common clutch drag in automotive, along with their causes and how to correct or fix the fault.

Clutch drag is also known as clutch spin and it occurs when the clutch is to be disengaged. It is not disengaged completely and it causes difficulty in changing the gears, called as clutch drag. This may be caused by:

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